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Levels of Functionality...

We provide 4 versions of Integrator, each with a level of functionality to suit your requirements...


Free Yes! - it really is free. Basic HR software at zero cost.

Aimed at small businesses with less than 50 employees. Simple to use with limited functionality. You are not overwhelmed with features you are unlikely to use, but still have many features for a very reasonable price.


For businesses which require greater functionality and integration.

Designed for medium size/larger businesses.


Remember, as your business grows - simply upsize to the next version. No additional software or configuration work is necessary. Simply request an upgrade and pay the difference between your current version and the version you want to upgrade to. We provide you with an upgrade key, simply enter it into your system and you will then have the upgraded version.


Have a look at the next page for the full product comparison. Click on symbol to view a PPT Presentation on the selected feature, or place your mouse over the symbol for more info.



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